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Eye Care

Eye problems in animals can become a serious concern. If not treated properly, conditions could quickly worsen — leaving your pet with impaired vision or permanently blind. If you believe your pet is experiencing an eye disorder, seek your veterinarian immediately. Our veterinary staff at Red Hills Animal Hospital is trained in treating pet eye disorders and work meticulously to preserve your pet’s vision. Services we provide for your pet’s eyes include:

  • Tonometry (eye pressure)
  • Schirmer Tear Test (testing the tear production to make sure dry eye isn't present)
  • Corneal Stain (looking for ulcers)
  • Corneal debridement
  • Conjunctival grafts and flaps
  • Enucleation (eye globe removal)
  • Entropion correction surgery
  • Treatment for glaucoma, uveitis, dry eye and other common conditions of the eye
  • Treatment of wounds like corneal ulcers and scratches

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