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Client Testimonials

Amazing Care.  Dr. Hannig has cared for my animals for years. I have two dogs rescued from the shelter. Pompom is a 5 year old Shitzu-pomeranian, and her sister Babette is a 4 year old maltease. A few weeks back, my little Babette was at the groomers and collapsed. She was emergently taken to another local veteranarian, where she was found to be dehydrated. They kept her for the night, hydrated her with IV fluids, and sent her home with us the next day. Later that night, she became terribly ill. She was so sick, we didn't think she'd make it through the night.Dr. Hannig got us in first thing the next morning. By the time we arrived, he already had the records from the other veteranarian in hand. I though for sure she wouldn't make it. He quickly decided to run some more blood work, and determined she had Addisons Disease. Her little adrenal glands had quit working.Being a nurse for several years, I know how difficult it is to diagnose Addisons Disease in humans, let alone a dog who can't tell you their symptoms. He ran a confirmation test, and sure enough, it was Addisons.He quickly started her on a steroid regimine, and she began to rapidly improve. He let us take her home that night, and continued to give her fluids and antibiotics, as well as steroids.Dr. Hannig and his staff called frequently to check on her, and saw her in the office everyday, even taking time out of their day off to come in and check her.Today, Babette is back to normal. She is enjoying running and playing, and is getting hard to keep up with. She has to have a dose of steroids everyday for the rest of her life, but she is completely normal now.Dr. Hannig and his team are kind, caring, and compassionate. Everyone has to come and say hi to Babette when we go in for a check up. She seems to like everyone there. Dr. Esplin even came in to check up on her and see how she was doing. Everyone at Red Hills Animal Hospital is top noch. Two thumbs up!

Steve C. via

Greatest people on earth!!!! I had a very sick and small hamster and the vet was very good with him and gave him his proper medication and was up front and told me he didn't think he would make it but he lived 2 days longer than he would have. I recommend this clinic to anyone!!!

Heather via Google

Our sweet little puppy was recently struck by a car and we took him in to Dr. Brad Esplin to have him looked at. He was so gentle with our dog and so kind to us when he gave the options for our little guy. We had to put him down, and Dr. Esplin was beyond sympathetic, helpful and understanding. He gave us all the time we needed, and went above and beyond what I would expect from any doctor. We couldn't have asked for a better experience in saying goodbye to our best friend.

J Theo via Google

I have been taking my dogs to Red Hills Animal Hospital for several years. I have found both Dr. Esplin and Dr. Hannig to be very kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and competent. I have always felt like the care given to my dogs has been excellent(everything from routine care to surgery). The clinic is clean and the staff is friendly and professional.

Puppy Crazy via Google

Having known Dr. Hannig nearly all my life, I can guarantee there is no greater animal advocate and caregiver than him. At our home we have a constant army of cats moving in and moving out - and they have all been patients of Dr. Hannig. Without question, Dr. Hannig and his staff have given our cats the most compassionate care, with concern for the animal's comfort as top priority - not to mention the finest bedside manner we've ever seen from a veterinary practice. In addition, our concerns as pet owners have always been addressed, including phone calls from the Doctor to our home the day following treatment. Just last week one of our cats had been seriously injured (possibly by a coyote) and had gaping wounds all over his body. Dr. Hannig carefully "rebuilt" our little buddy and just 10 days later he is almost good as new! Rest assured, at Red Hills Animal Hospital your pets will be treated with the highest degree of compassion as well as the latest in veterinary technology. We will never take our kitties anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Hannig, Dr. Esplin and staff!

Amudli via Yahoo Local

Dr. Hannig is a wonderful Vet, he loves animals and it shows in his work. I am thrilled to have found him. He even has you call him after seeing your animal to let him know how things are going. I highly recommend Red Hills Animal Hospital.

Cheryl T via Angies List

I had been taking my cat Stophy to another vet that was near my home but when she started having serious problems they refereed me to Dr. Hannig. I was surprised but had heard excellent things about him & the Red Hills Animal Hospital. I was so worried about my 18 year old girl wondering if she had much time left. Dr. Hannig had all the equipment and expertise needed to get the diagnosis & my Stophy made it to an amazing 20 years. Dr. Hannig & the entire staff are excellent & keep up to date on everything including equipment and technology. I kid him that he has a new toy every time I come in. Dr. Hannig is the most caring Vet I have ever been to. He follows up with you after ever visit & you can tell he truly cares about you & your pet. Just do the right thing for yourself & your pet and go to Red Hills Animal Hospital

Mike H.

I've been with Dr. Esplin since I first met him at his veterinarian clinic when I lived in North Ogden. When I relocated to St. George in 2001, I reconnected with him again. Dr. Hannig is a great addition to Dr. Esplin's staff and both vets are caring, knowledgeable and owner-friendly. Dr. Hannig saved my Lil Bear (Pomeranian) after she was attacked by my neighbor's large dog. We weren't sure she would make it because the skin around her neck wound was dying away, day by day. He cut it all out, sewed it up, put her on antibiotics and she eventually healed and is as sassy as before! Wonderful vets with a very friendly, compassionate staff.

Sue M.

Once in a very great while you are fortunate enough to happen on to someone exceptional, who loves what they do and exceeds your expectations. Dr. Hannig is one of these rare finds. He has cared for my animals for many years now, including helping me to learn to care for my beautiful black cat Shadow through kidney failure and after giving me an extra 10 months of quality time with Shadow came in on a Saturday to help him gently out of this world. He sees the whole picture...the animal and the owner and is smart and sensitive to the needs of both. Dr. Hannig has been right on the mark with all his diagnosis and treatments and has always been there when one of my pets was in trouble. His clinic, Red Hills Animal Hospital has invested in much of the latest equipment so they can properly treat the animals ... laser surgery, blood pressure, lab for blood testing in house and if ever there is something he feels requires a specialist, he brings one in from Vegas and sets you up down there. He always makes sure your pet has the absolute best and proper care. He has my complete trust and confidence and I don't give that readily especially where my animals are concerned. Do yourself and your pets a favor and take them to someone who truly cares.

LIz H.

The absolute best Vet in the world. Not only does Dr. Hannig take the time to learn your pet, he genuinely cares about the parent. That means you the owner. I have COMPLETE faith in his ability to give me relevant and precise diagnoses on all of my 6 pets. I will never change from this stupendous Veterinary Hospital. Payment is fair. Staff is amazing, and caring. You should quit going anywhere else and try them. Cannot recommend them highly enough!!!

Lance L.

I would highly recommend Dr. Hannig and Dr. Esplin at the Red Hills Animal Hospital. My dog was shot and Dr. Hannig gave me options to help with my dogs recovery. Thanks to him, my dog is still with me today and I will be forever grateful for his understanding and concern. Their whole crew is outstanding and the best in St. George

Julie N.

I took my old, sick cat here when I was traveling through in my r.v. I was nervous about trusting an unknown vet with no references, but my overall impression was very positive. The office was professional, the veterinarian seemed earnest and thorough, and the prices seemed average.‎

Mrs Cyberhobo via Google Maps

With several dearly loved pets, species and ailments, Dr. Brad Esplin has been a qualified and experienced veterinarian by our side. As for "bedside manner" there is no one who could compare to this empathetic and supportive man.

Bud W. Stephenson, PhD., JD

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